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Product Modules

Complete Solution

Get the full benefits of the Poka app by leveraging the power of all 3 modules.

Communication Module

Check Factory Feed Feature

Learning & Development Module

Check Knowledge Management Feature

Check Skills Management Feature

Daily Management Module

Check Forms & Checklist Feature

Check Issue Management Feature

Learning & Development Module

Empower your workers by enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Knowledge Management

Check Foster On-The-Job Learning

Check Provide Real-Time Access to Information

Check Capture Best-Practices Continuously

Check Centralized Global Knowledge

Skills Management

Check Reduce Training Cost & Time

Check Optimize Resource Allocation

Check Boost Worker Development

Check Exceed Compliance Requirements

Daily Management Module

Enable your workforce to do the best work possible and streamline production.

Forms & Checklists

Check Reduce Product Inconsistencies

Check Improve Health & Safety

Check Increase Workforce Efficiency

Check Ensure Global Compliance

Issues Management

Check Increase Global Visibility

Check Obtain Quick Access to Experts

Check Improve Resolution Speed

Check Get Company-wide Troubleshooting Support

Communications Module

Connect employees to share important updates and solve problems in real-time.

ALWAYS included with the purchase of any module—not a standalone module*

Factory Feed

Check Share Information Globally

Check Document Best Practices

Check Get Better Production Visibility

Check Maintain a History of Events

Available Add-ons

Advanced Enterprise Package

Turbocharge the Poka app to meet your corporate needs.

Check User Authentification and Provisioning (SSO and SCIM2)

Check Unlimited Languages

Check Product Activity Audit Trail

Check Unlimited Software Integrations

Check Guaranteed Uptime & Support Speed

Check Sandbox Environment

CFR Title 21 Part 11 Package

Stay on top of FDA requirements and monitor compliance.

Check eSignature Management

Check Product Activity Audit Trail

All Our Modules Include
Customer Success Manager
Health Monitoring & Reporting
Online Agent Support
Automatic Product Updates
Help Center
Secure & Accreditated Solution

Our expectations have been
exceeded in every respect.

Global Director Operational Excellence
Barry Callebaut